Workforce Leadership & Development Minor

Workforce Leadership & Development Minor

The Workforce Leadership and Development minor provides an opportunity to enhance your current program of study with skills in business, finance, information technology, education, work, curriculum, and training to improve competitiveness within the workforce and is offered ENTIRELY ONLINE! This minor is an opportuity to enhance your current field of study with additional Leadeship and Development skills to make you more competetive in your workplace. The minor is designed to work with all industries and capitalize on a student's’ goals and content experience and provide the necessary workforce leadership and career skills needed to LEAD, educate and improve their employees and for personal skill growth.

As a student, you will learn a subset of business, leadership, personnel, finance, information technology, education and training skills as they relate to the adult learning. Leadership and Development skills will focus on building your skills as a student and preparing you and others to participate in the multinational marketplace as productive leaders, workers and consumers. The employment outlook for this concentration is strong. Students can build on their current skills and progress in their current employment, begin an entrepreneurial venture or explore new career pathways. 

Program of Study

Required Courses (12 Hours)

CTE 3250 - Career Management (3)
CTE 3340 - Business Communications (3) [WID]
CTE 3850 - Professional Development and Adult Learners (3)
CTE 4750 - Work-Based Experiences (3)

Electives (6 Hours) - Select from the Following

CTE 1590 - Personal Money Management (3)
CTE 3380 - Information Systems for Business and Education Professionals (3)
CTE 4410 - Workforce Ventures and Innovation (3)
CTE 4525 - Workforce Leadership and Planning (3)
CTE 4550 - Digital Network Learning Systems (3)
CTE 4640 - Computer Design Applications for Business and Educational Professionals (3)
Other electives may be chosen with the advice and approval of the CTE Program Director.

Total Required (18 Hours)

Contact your advising department to add the Workforce Leadership and Development Minor to your Program of Study!

For questions regarding the Workforce Leadership and Development Minor contact Dr. Jerianne Taylor, Program Director.