Trade and Industrial Education (T&I)

The Trade and Industrial Education (T&I) concentration focuses on the preparation of technology, engineering and design education in grades 9-12. T&I instructors teach a specific set of courses related to their area of expertise in these grades. These courses range from Carpentry and Welding and Drafting to Automotive. Students in the T&I concentration will learn how to teach young people about concepts, layout, design, materials, production, assembly, quality control, maintenance, troubleshooting, construction, repair and service of industrial, commercial and residential goods and products. Students in the T&I concentration will also develop the skills necessary to teach students about a specific area of industry, as well as the credentials and certifications needed to be successful in their chosen pathway.

Because of the extensive training in these areas, individuals that choose not to teach after graduation have found lucrative and successful careers in all types of industrial and technical fields.