Appalachian State University is proud to offer the ONLY Bachelor of Science Career and Technical Education Program in the state of North Carolina. The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program at Appalachian State University is comprised of seven areas of concentration, including six teaching concentrations and the innovative Workforce Leadership & Development (non-teaching) concentration. Students in this undergraduate program can study on-campus or completly ONLINE.

Each teaching concentration provides students with the opportunity to focus on middle and high school teaching while developing a greater depth of knowledge in a specific area of Career and Technical Education (CTE). Through experiential learning and relevant projects, students are challenged to develop a comprehensive knowledge base. Partnerships with programs across campus give CTE students the opportunity to work with discipline-specific experts while still learning the art of teaching.

The Workforce Leadership and development concentration provides students with the opportunity to link their technical skills with skills in business, leadership, personnel, finance, information technology, education, work, curriculum, and training to improve competitiveness within the workforce. This program is designed to work with all industries and capitalize on a student's’ goals and content experience and provide the necessary workforce leadership and career skills needed to lead, educate and improve their employees and for personal skill growth. 

The Graduate Certificate in Career & Technical Education Teaching is designed for those indviduals with an earned Bachelor's degree in a related field interested in earning both a graduate certificate and intial teaching license in a CTE area. The CTE program offers Residency licensure options (including the Graduate Certificate).

As a CTE teacher, you will have the opportunity to impact young people as they apply the concepts and skills associated with each of the areas through relevant hands-on learning experiences.

Individuals with degrees in Career and Technical Education can be found in all industries and our graduates have gone on to work as teachers, trainers and educators in business and industry, extension agents, educational consultants, educational vendors, community college instructors and private school instructors, workforce specialists, career facilitators/specialists, entrepreneurs . The opportunities are limitless! Consider the possibilities. Consider CTE!