Agriculture Education

The Agriculture Education (AgEd) concentration focuses on the preparation of agriculture education teachers in grades 6-12. AgEd instructors teach a variety of courses in these grades from Agribusiness, Animal Science, Horticulture and natural resources. Students in the AgEd concentration will learn how to teach young people about all types of agricultural systems  essential to participate in the multinational marketplace as productive workers and consumers. Students in the AgEd concentration will also develop the skills necessary to teach students about animal science, horticultural and sustainable agriculture.

Because of the extensive training in Agriculture subjects, individuals that choose not to teach after graduation have found lucrative and successful careers in all types of Agriculture fields.

The Appalachian State University Agriculture Education program is a joint program with Wilkes Community College (WCC-Horticulture, WCC-Animal Science)

Check out our Agriculture Education Articulation Agreement with Wilkes Community College