Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an area of public education that focuses on providing students with real world opportunities in high skill, high demand and high wage areas. At Appalachian, we prepare teachers to teach students about these areas at the middle and high school level. We live in a world where critical thinking and real world literacy are as important as the traditional academic areas. Just as we need to be taught how to read, write, or calculate, we need to have a formal structure that focuses on business and financial literacy, family and consumer science literacy and technological literacy. In CTE, students use a wide range of materials, tools and equipment (including computer technologies) to learn about the human-made environment. The CTE program uses an investigative, hands-on, research and design approach to help students better understand the world around them.

Appalachian State University is the only institution in the state preparing CTE teachers, and is widely recognized as providing top-quality teachers for the public schools. Graduates of our program are in extremely high demand, both here in North Carolina and across the nation. CTE teachers get to teach a subject they love, provide an invaluable service to students and schools, and receive competitive salaries.

We offer five certification tracks: Business, Finance and Information Technology Education, Business, Marketing and Entreneurship Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Design Education and Trade and Industrial Education.

Business, Finance and Information Technology (BFIT) focuses on the preparation of business and marketing teachers in grades 6-12. BFIT instructors teach a variety of courses in these grades from business law and computer applications to sports marketing and computer networking. Because of the extensive training in business subjects, individuals that choose not to teach after graduation have found lucrative and successful careers in all types of business fields.

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) educators make a difference by teaching critical life skills to diverse individuals and families. The Family and Consumer Sciences, Secondary Education major prepares students to teach FCS in middle and high schools, work in the Cooperative Extension Service, and assume a variety of educational positions in business, industry, and government.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education concentration focuses on preparing students to teach family and consumer sciences in middle schools and high schools, to work with the Cooperative Extension Service, and to assume a variety of educational positions in business, industry, and government.

Students gain a background in all subject matter areas of Family and Consumer Sciences, including family living and parenting, child development, apparel and textiles, interior design, foods and nutrition, and consumer education. Students also gain an understanding of the teaching-learning process, becoming competent in communicating ideas and helping diverse individuals learn and grow.

Technology, Engineering and Design Education (TED) addresses a broad-based technological literacy in the areas of design, engineering, communication, manufacturing, construction, and transportation technologies. TED instructors teach a variety of courses in grades 6-12 ranging from game art and design and robotics to Principles of Engineering and Technological Systems.

Trade & Industrial Education (T&I) focuses on a specific technical field such as drafting, cabinetmaking, carpentry, or electronics. T&I instructors teach at the high school level and community college level.

Each CTE area is considered a "high need" area, and most districts are seeking teachers in at least one of these tracks.

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